Who we are

I started putting my head into the ice-cram churner as a child. When my grandfather took me to the ice-cream parlour in piazza Vittorio in Rome I couldn’t resist, I insisted until he would pick me up and let me look in the magical cylinder where after a slow work process, a marvelous, soft, cold cream emerged from. I was completely amazed by that magic. Since then the passion for this extraordinary food has remained intact.

More than eating it, I’ve always liked making it. Dedication, research and experimentation are the key ingredients in my job. In my open laboratory together with my wife Cinzia, every day I try to find a new harmony of flavours in order to mix original tastes with the traditions of Italian cuisine. I think that ice-cream is an expression of Italian gastronomy and so I propose blunt flavours, avoiding homogenisation.

Then there is the competence and knowledge acquired at “Gelato University” the international school in Bologna where we were taught to adopt an ice-cream making process that is totally homemade, starting from raw materials instead of processed food, therefore it takes much more time and precision.

Lastly, we are convinced that an ice-cream’s quality must be recognized by the palate not the eyes. For this reason I decided to conserve my ice-cream in refrigerated containers in order to avoid using any preservatives and save all sensory qualities.

The quality we trust in


our ice cream parlour suggested by AIC – Italian Celiac disease Association.


Quality is an essential condition for us. We only use the ingredients we need natural raw materials, fresh seasonal fruit, and processing that easing line with the best Italian gastronomic traditions.