Stefano Conti • Daily fresh fruit

We use only fresh in-season fruit. We buy it at the central market in San Lorenzo from Stefano Conti whose family has been seling fruit and vegetables since 1900. Stefano, like us, loves good things and knows the places to get good fruit and vegetables: oranges and madarins from Sicily, lemons from Sorrento, apricots from Naples, pears from Emilia Romagna and forest fruits from the woods in Trentino, these are just a few examples.

We trust him because he understands the importance when making ice-cream of using fruit which has ripened on the tree, only in this way the smell and taste is preserved. We collaborate daily with him, every day he puts forward his best products that we do not hesitate in putting on our menu.

Mattia Pariani

Mattia Pariani • Only the best hazelnuts and pistachio

In the heart of the “Langhe hills” in Piedmont is where Mattia Pariani, a passionate artisan, selects “piedmont hazelnuts”, they are handpicked. Hazelnuts from this area in the Piedmont region are renowned for being the best in the world, they are appreciated in particular for high quality parameters such as the excellent taste and aroma. Pariani’s way of toasting, which can be done in 4 different ways, guarantees easy peeling, great preservation and a balanced harmony of aromas.

The best pistachios come from the area surrounding mount Etna in Sicily. the “green Bronte pistachio dop” has ancient origins and is universally renowned as a unique and particular tasting fruit. It is sweet, delicate and aromatic. It has a unique organoleptic colour and quality that make it the best in the world. It’s bright green colour and aromatic quality are it’s particularities. In Givoleto’s factory near Torino they are then toasted and transformed into paste.


Il Palagiaccio • The goodness of milk from Mugello

Il Palagiaccio Farm, an ancient fortress of the noble Ubaldini family which is mentioned in Dante’s divine comedy, represents history and tradition in rearing for milk production in Tuscany. the “Bolli” family firmly believes in the pursuit of quality as an objective towards a healthy lifestyle. Limited numbers, reduced volume and meticulous and exclusive artisan workmanship assure attention and care for their products and allow them to produce “quality” farming in a nature friendly way. Transparency, a very short supply chain and constant monitoring are the guarantee of a real and extremely safe local product. High quality single herd fresh milk, pasturised and not homogenized. A fresh and rich flavoured product.


Desideri • The historical cones from Montecatini

Sweet and crumbly vanilla pastry enrichened with almonds from the Apulia region. The wafers are a typical dessert from Montecatini Terme, a traditional recipe produced by local artisans with completely natural ingredients that make the taste and freshness inimitable. Tasting them is a unique sensory journey.

Using a minimum of 44% of selected Apulian almonds, enclosed between two extremely thin wafers, “Desideri” wafers are the ideal complement ice-cream, fruit or to enriched an afternoon tea. The pastry, which is particularly thin (less than 1mm), before being put together is aged with almonds and sugar, extremely simple but good ingredients.


Callebaut • Natural cocoa for fine chocolate

A Belgian producer that has offered an excellent product for over 100 years, produces with cocoa beans cultivated 100% eco-friendly. The origin and workmanship follow precise ecological standards, fair trade. In 2012 the company started the “growing great chocolate” programme, working with the farmers in western Africa with the objective to better cocoa farming and the salaries of over 30.000 farmers from 60 cooperatives.Excellent cocoa beans (varieties: Madagascar, Grenade, Ecuador, Sao thome’, etc.) transformed into extraordinary tasting chocolate, thanks to a masterly selection and mixing process which defines the structure of the chocolate.

Marco Carmazzi

Marco Carmazzi • Floral fragrances

Flowers, another gourmet element that I use taking note from top restaurants, they are biologically cultivated (Iso 9001 – Iso 14001) and exclusively cultivated for dietry purposes by Marco Carmazzi in Torre del Lago (Lucca). He has a true passion for his product, therefore, competent, careful and meticulous. The flowers, from wild roses to nasturtium, Chinese carnations topetunias, are picked at the time of shipping and after few hours they arrive in our laboratory.

caseificio bertagni

Caseificio Bertagni • Fresh and genuine ricotta cheese

The Bertagni family have been shepherds for numerous generations, they produce their own cheese using milk exclusively from farmers from the area of Garfagnana. Cow’s milk, goat’s milk and sheep’s milk are transformed into various types of cheese with different aromas. They put love into every step of production which completes the final product that arrives in our laboratory daily.

Francesco Sanapo

Francesco Sanapo • Coffee artisan from the heart of Florence

Born in the Salento region of Italy, but later adopted by Florence, he has a great passion for coffee. For this reason he spends a few months abroad every year to live on the farms and be in close contact with the producers and to research and select the highest quality coffee beans. From Puerto Rico to el Salvador, Colombia to Ethiopia. He spends a lot of his time studying and researching coffee, from the plantations to the toasting process right down to the cup. Nothing is left unthought about.

Our collaboration began after he tasted my “white chocolate” and when I brought him to select for our ice-cream parlour a coffee from Guatemala “Finca de bolsa”.