The alchemy of gourmet ice cream

There is a special kind of alchemy in ice-cream making. It consists in treating all ingredients with care and transforming them into a silky, soft cream, not too cold for the palate nor too sweet so that you can perceive the flavour and aroma of each component.  It’s about researching old and new flavours paying attention to Italian culinary traditions and mixing them with Slow Food ethics.

For this reason my wife Cinzia and I select only high quality raw materials, genuine products and fruit selected according to the natural cycle and season so that we assure the maximum level of nutrience and taste.

Ingredients which come from selected producers, taking in consideration excellent produce from the local territory, such as milk from the historical “Fattoria Storica del Palagiaccio del Mugello”. Artisans and Tuscan farmers that share our passion for their work and are able to guarantee quality and freshness.

We avoid using processed food, preservatives, colourings and any other type of synthetic additives at all costs. In our gourmet ice-cream you find only the necessary ingredients, made with dedication and respecting our customers health.

These are the essential conditions, along with gastronomical experimentation and the collaboration with chefs and bakers, for creating new flavours, seen as the most important thing after your well being is satisfaction for your palate.


Every ingredient we use is the result of the dedication of those
who produce it; people who like us love their work.